Go Ahead, Be A Scraper!

I read somewhere, either in a book or on a blog, that this person always uses a rubber spatula to finish getting the rest of their ingredients out of a bowl so that none are left behind. This is not something I normally had done. After reading this, I thought about it; Is it really worth the extra time and effort it takes to get those last few measly morsels out of the bottom and off the sides of the bowl? I am, after all, a busy person! I don’t have time to waste!

Well, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I just HAD to prove to myself that it was ok to leave those last few bits in the bowl because I definitely would not get enough out to be worth the time and trouble let alone dirtying another utensil!

I tried it when I made guacamole yesterday. I decided to put the avocados into the food processor rather than using a potato masher like I normally do. So after scooping out all the pureed avocado that I could with a spoon, I whipped out the rubber spatula and started scraping out that food processor bowl.

Low and behold, to my amazement, I ended up getting quite a bit more avocado out of the food processor! I couldn’t believe it! All those years of leaving all those precious ingredients behind because I just didn’t think it looked like it was worth the time or effort to scrape a bowl!

Never again will I leave my hard work behind in a bowl and neither should you! Give it a try!

Go ahead, grab your rubber spatula and be a scraper!


Hard Boiled Eggs In The Oven!

What? Bake eggs to create a hardboiled egg effect?! I actually found this nifty little trick on Pinterest (unfortunately I was not smart enough to come up with this one!) and the post can be found here. Now when I saw this, I was thinking “is this for real?” I CAN be quite gullible at times but as I thought about it, this really made sense and really should work. I don’t know about you, but when I’m hardboiling eggs, I NEVER seem to catch that water boiling when it starts. Who knows how long the water’s been boiling when I check on it. Then I just guess how long I should finish boiling them for and just HOPE they are done as well as not fused to the shell. Sound familiar? So when I saw this, I was sooo hoping it would work!

Well, I put it to the test today…I baked 4 eggs in the shell to see what happened.

I preheated the oven to 325 degrees and put 4 whole eggs, in their shells into my muffin tin (FINALLY! A use for that thing!) and popped them into the oven (please ignore the dirty oven).

I set the timer for 30 minutes…and voila!

They were speckled….But that’s ok, that part is going in the trash…besides, that just adds character…Next, I used tongs and placed the eggs in a bowl of ice water so they stop cooking
I let them sit in there and cool til the ice melted….Then I peeled one

It worked!!!!! Notice the brown streaks. They didn’t all have that and when I tasted it, there wasn’t a burnt taste or anything..tasted fine!

Beautiful yolk!

I found my new no fuss way of making hardboiled hardbaked eggs!

I think the brown streak was from where the egg was touching the muffin pan. I will try again at that amount of time to see if it’s the same because I just might not have heard the timer when it went off…..Rats, I still couldn’t catch it in time!