Healthy Mayonnaise

This is the first condiment that I have had to really put a lot of work into to find the right flavor and get the consistency perfect. I am very happy with this recipe and I am pretty sure you will be too!

Mayo is the first of the three major condiments that I really wanted to get down pat because there is so much you can use it for. It is great in recipes for adding flavor, even in small quantities. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t use it everyday. Since it’s summer and we cook out on my hubby’s days off, I use a small amount once a week on my burger…come winter and cookout season is over, I will be using it less but it’s nice to have around.

The big secret to making mayo is that all of your ingredients must be room temperature. Also, it’s all about science and emulsion, emulsion, emulsion…blah blah blah. Basically, all this means is that you MUST mix the oil into the egg VERY slowly in order for them to work together and thicken up into perfectly, beautiful mayo.

One way to do this is to SLOWLY and I mean SLOWLY pour oil into your blender at a pace slower than a slug. Your arm and shoulder will ache and you will become very bored. This process could take 5-10 minutes!

The best way, and the way that I do it is by using a stick blender which is how I will explain the process in the instruction section. Believe me, it is worth the few bucks for a stick blender. You will have perfect mayo (if done correctly) in less than 2 minutes! And, no aching body parts or boredom!

Healthy Mayonnaise Recipe


1 egg yolk

pinch of xylitol

1/8 tsp coconut aminos

1/4 tsp ground mustard

1/2 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp vinegar

1 c safflower oil


Add room temperature ingredients into a wide glass or a bowl (I used the container that came with the stick blender). Add oil last. Place stick blender in the glass making sure the bottom of the blender sits on the bottom of the glass. Begin blending leaving the blender still until the mixture thickens and the oil is no longer blending in. Slowly move blender up just enough to blend in the rest of the oil. When oil is fully incorporated, you are finished! This actually goes pretty quick! Stop blending and scrape blender clean. Store mayo in glass jar and label with the date.

If anything is unclear, please leave a comment inquiring about a step and I will do my best to clarify.

Enjoy! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Healthy Mayonnaise

  1. Are you saying that you add all the oil at once and THEN blend. If so, how cool. If not, can you explain the process for adding the oil. I always assumed you have to add the oil slowly to the mixture as you mention earlier in your post. Is it necessary to add the xylitol and coconut aminos for this to work or are those optional additions to the traditional egg yolk, dijon, oil mixture?

    • Hi! Yes, I put the oil in all at once. Pouring the oil slowly is if you are using a regular blender, not a stick blender. I haven’t tried it without the xylitol or aminos but I’m sure it would work just fine. The mustard is ground mustard, not dijon.

  2. I tried this, putting all the ingredients into the container and then mixing (I left out the xylitol and coconut aminos) and I got a lovely runny dressing, but definitely not mayonnaise. It is the consistency of coffee cream rather than mayo.

    • Was this done with a stick blender? Were all of your ingredients room temperature? If using a stick blender, did you hold the blender very still until the oil stopped blending in before moving the blender up and down slightly? Mayo is a very touchy creature and sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get the hang of it. I had runny mayo at first as well until I got the technique down. Runny mayo is still good too! 🙂 Please visit my new blog as I don’t keep up with this one any more. Thanks!

      • Hi Cindy, Thank you for response. The only thing I did differently than what you describe is that I just poured the oil it: I didn’t quite dump it in, but I also did not pour it slowly. I will try it again another time. I did even use the ground mustard (once I actually read the recipe more carefully and stopped assuming it was the same as other mayo recipes I have used!).
        You new blog looks lovely and I just realized it also has this recipe, so off I go.

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