Simply Grilled Asparagus

Since I began eating this new healthy way, I realized I could no longer cook veggies the same way I used to. You know, a BIG glob of fake butter, salt, a few spices and nuke.  Nope, it’s not the same if I leave out the “butter” and salt. I began to try different ways of making and flavoring veggies. Asparagus is one the favorites in our house, especially with steak. It just goes sooo well with it!

I ended up getting an indoor grill so that I had more cooking options since I don’t use a lot of the same “ingredients” I used to. This greatly helped. Grilled meat is awesome and I pretty much have the seasoning down to perfection (that will be a different post). The reason I’m saying all of this is because one day I was grilling up some steaks on my indoor grill and decided to grill my asparagus spears as well…just to try it out. I’m so glad I did! The grilled asparagus turned out perfect and I’ve been making it that way ever since. You can use your outdoor grill too. I just did the other day and the results were the same…perfection. What’s even better is that it’s so simple (even a caveman can do it…sorry) it’s unbelievable!


Simply Grilled Asparagus Recipe:


Frozen or Fresh Asparagus Spears (I used frozen)

Braggs spray


Heat grill and lay spears on grill. Spray with braggs and cook until the side on the grill starts to brown. Flip spears and spray again with braggs and continue cooking until that side starts to turn brown. If spears are not yet tender, continue cooking while turning asparagus regularly so it doesn’t burn. Serve with your meal and enjoy! See, it was simple!


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